About us


To establish ourselves as amongst the forerunners in the business while at the same offering affordable Luxury to our Clients.


Service beyond the norms of Commonplace Hospitality.


Hospitality Steeped in Sincerity.


alt text Hospitality as an industry is in its nascent stage in Nagaland and we are beyond excited to be part of this burgeoning industry and I personally endeavour to fill in the gaps where no other hotel in Nagaland has ventured before in terms of creativity, service, sincerity, class, facility, ethics and professionalism. de Oriental Grand aspires to be a leading example of hospitality and put Nagaland on the world map, inviting people from all corners of the world. The Hotel Industry is an ever evolving mechanism with challenges along the way and it takes not just finance or manpower to face these challenges but also a lot of gumption and willpower. And with this credo as part of our stride, we have founded this Hotel on the core foundation of diversity in the face of modernity coupled with classic sensibilities with guest comfort, satisfaction and happiness at the top of every service and facility that we offer.
We invite you to be a part of this revolutionary journey as we take you along a path so often visited yet with a different and memorable experience as we trod along together.


CEO,  de Oriental Grand Hotel

“General Manager”

alt text “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
We at de Oriental Grand make it our purpose that the goodwill of our customers, guests and well-wishers never go unreciprocated. We are in the business of taking care of people by way of excellent facilities, comfort and reliability. de Oriental Grand strives to create an experience for our guests which is everlasting and which encompasses the tried and accepted formula of hospitality.
We believe in making an impression, an impact that lingers; going that extra inch which separates us from the rest. And this very motivation to create an individual experience for our guests is what we take extreme pride upon.
We look forward to building a long association with you and endeavour to offer you the best of what hospitality has to offer and beyond.



General Manager,  de Oriental Grand Hotel
Nagaland along with the rest of the world is an evolving market with the consumer base now shifting to a more experimental orientation, open to embracing and imbibing new sensibilities of living standard and the numerous attachments to it thereof.
Taking cognizance of this rising trend, the Sales & Marketing team at de Oriental Grand has invested a considerable amount of time, energy and resources to ascertain the factors that influence the choice, taste and preference of our consumers so that their expectations are met and delivered.
We seek to maintain this ongoing process of fact finding research to tap into the changing facets of our customer base and present and facilitate an era of change.


Sales & Marketing Manager, de Oriental Grand Hotel